Impact Award 2019

About The Impact Award

The distinguished Remodelers Advantage IMPACT Award recognizes the individual who embodies, in spirit and practice, the selfless leadership and unwavering commitment that has made Remodelers Advantage Roundtables the largest, most successful peer group program in the industry.

Meet The 2019 Nominees

The IMPACT Award nominees, as chosen by their peers, have exhibited an exceptional generosity with their knowledge, a dedication to continual self-improvement in all areas of their life, and a commitment to help others reach their full potential.


Please note: this list will continue to update until all of this year’s MVPs are chosen.

The Process

Step 1. Nominee Selection

The Roundtables Peer Group program brings together smart, savvy, non-competing company owners to share experiences and help one another improve company performance. Each member belongs to one of the Roundtables Groups which meets twice annually.

At the conclusion of each Roundtables meeting, the members of their respective group vote for one exemplary participant to be named MVP of that meeting due to their demonstrated ability to implement significant and continual improvement in business performance, achieve superior results, demonstrate a spirit of generosity and sharing, as well as provide savvy insights to their peers.

The nominees for the Remodelers Advantage IMPACT Award are those Roundtables Members* who have been voted MVP by their peers at the conclusion of one of the previous two Roundtables meetings. Please note: if you were voted MVP you must accept the invitation in order to continue onto the next step toward winning the IMPACT Award.

Step 2. Semi-Finalist Selection

At the conclusion of the 2018/2019 (Fall/Spring) Roundtables meeting cycle, the list of MVP’s is compiled to create the list of IMPACT Award nominees. The members who accept our invitation to join the running for the IMPACT award will answer this important question: “What does “Having an IMPACT” mean to you and why is it important?” in 250 characters or less. After we receive all participant submissions, the panel of judges will review and choose 10 semi-finalists from the selection.
Deadline to submit: TBD

Step 3. Finalist Selection

The 10 semi-finalists will submit a short essay describing the reasons that they should win the Award. Essays will be reviewed and scored by a panel of judges. The four highest scoring essays will be selected as finalists.
Deadline to submit: TBD

Step 4. Choosing the Winner

Finalists will submit a 60-second video, outlining why he or she is the best candidate for the Award. The videos will be reviewed and scored by a panel of judges. In addition, the videos will be shown during the annual Awards Gala and the winner will be announced live!
Deadline to submit: TBD

* Excludes the Tactical Roundtables Groups (Production Managers and Marketing Pros).
Note: Some restrictions apply. Based on availability. For a complete list of rules, deadlines, eligibility requirements, and other frequently asked questions, you may download the PDF here.

The Prizes

The Four Finalists Will Receive:

  • A Complimentary, 3-night stay at the New Orleans Marriott for the 2018 Remodelers Summit.
  • The Impact Finalists SwagBag with an assortment of gifts and goodies.

The Impact Award Winner Will Also Receive:

  • The stunning Polished Crystal IMPACT Award. Equal parts art and prestige.
  • A feature article in Remodeling magazine.
  • Social media recognition across all Remodelers Advantage channels.
  • A complete press kit including a press release, a badge for your website, and photography from the Award ceremony.