You Are Ready For Take Off!

September 21, 2023

2:30 pm

Doug Howard

Director of Consulting, Remodelers Advantage

You Are Ready For Take Off!

“Pilot” Your Remodeling Company to Greater Success by following your flight plan, managing turbulence, and flying by instrument

This session will offer proven strategies from successful remodeling companies to accomplish relevant and actionable tools for you to achieve greater success with your remodeling business.

Topics will include:
  • Flight Plan: Creating and Implementing Your 5-Year Plan to Achieve the Year-Over-Year Profit and Create a Valuable Company
  • Flying by Instrument: Using Measures, Dashboards and Data-Driven Decision Making for Accountability and Consistently Exceeding Goals
  • Turbulence: Developing Strategies to Drive Profit and Company Value During Uncertain Economic Times

This program will offer real-world industry examples, easy-to-use tools and templates all delivered in an engaging, informative and entertaining way.

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