Exit Strategy Track

This track is dedicate to all topics related to your exit strategy including Succession Planning, Selling Your Business, and Retirement.

Doug Howard

You Only Get One Chance to Get it Right

When the time comes to sell your business, to reap the benefits of your life’s work, you will only get one chance to get it right. So much of what drives the value of a business, and its ultimate selling price depends on starting the process early, good financials and maximizing the multiplier. 

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David Allebach

Where’s Your Offramp?

It is never too early to plan for the day you’ll want to transition out of your business. This session will explore considerations for an exit, including how to position your business and yourself for an optimal outcome.

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Bill Cowdin

Transforming Myself Into A Leader

In this session, Bill will share how he transitioned from a one-man shop, wearing all the hats, into the leader of a flourishing company where his employees are empowered to make important decisions, hold critical conversations with

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Steve Wheeler

The Succession Planning Mindset

The building of value in your company starts the day you start your business, and your mindset around succession should be planned for, and around, as long as you own your business. In this session we will define…

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