Kitchen & Bath Showrooms Track

This track is dedicated to solving the unique challenges faced by kitchen and bath showroom ccmpanies. All sessions in this track are provided by our supporting partner, BKBG.

Paul Greenspan

Show Them the Love and the Money

What does it take in this employment market for kitchen and bath showrooms to attract and retain best-in-class talent? Paul Greenspan, Vice President and General Manager at Central Kitchen and Bath in Winter Park, FL will

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Nellie Ondrovick

Trend or Foe? 

Keeping your fingers on the pulse of the latest kitchen and bath products, materials, styles and technologies provides a showroom with multiple competitive advantages that include materials and mood boards that reflect what’s trending that result in faster and easier sales, more satisfied customers and more profitable projects.

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Ed Kuh

Put More Profit in Your Pocket

Every kitchen and bath that is designed by a showroom requires more than cabinets, countertops and a backsplash.  When you don’t provide customers with sinks, faucets, disposers, floor coverings, accessories and other items that new kitchens and baths need, you force your clients to buy those items from others.

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Mike Ferreira

Design, Build, or Both?

Thomas Michael Design Remodel transformed its operations from a cabinet and countertop sales and installation service to a full-service design build firm. At this session, company principal Mike Ferreira will describe the journey, the reasons why they decided to change their business model, benefits that have been obtained and challenges that others considering a similar move need to address.

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Rob Stepp

Time is Money

Rob Stepp learned several extremely valuable lessons when he moved his Charleston, WV Creative Kitchens showroom. In the process, he developed a successful methodology that makes his customers’ lives easier and purchase decisions faster.

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Nellie Ondrovick

How to Prepare the Showroom of Today to Be the Showroom of Tomorrow

In 2021, most cabinet manufacturers place a moratorium on providing showrooms displays and in doing so put cabinets, vignettes and working kitchens, once considered showroom essentials, into a new light and for owners to re-evaluate a showroom’s purpose. At this session, showroom designer Nellie Ondrovick will offer guidance to help showroom owners make the right inv

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