Production Track

This track is perfect for business owners and production team members alike. Ultimately, the production track focuses on how production can impact the the profitability of your company.

Tim Faller

The Production Panel

Chris Hageman Production Manager Chris Hageman Production Manager Chris Hageman is the Production Manager at Crane Builders in Nashville, TN. The company was founded

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Morgan Thomas

Creating Unity Between Production and Design

One of the constant struggles in remodeling companies is creating a smooth transition form sales/design to production. More often than not there is finger pointing or at best a tolerance of each other. One company has found a way to make this connection more seamless delivering a better…

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Tim Faller

Managing Projects by the Numbers

Production often receives a job from sales/design, and they mutter, “I hope this one is better than the last one.” So what can a project Manager or Lead Carpenter do to create a path to success with the budget deliberately?

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