Podcast Hour

September 22, 2022

10:45 am

Podcast Hour

This is your chance to attend the live taping of some of the top-rated podcasts in the remodeling industry! The Tim Faller Show is a podcast dedicated entirely to the production side of the remodeling industry. Tim, along with his co-host Steve Wheeler, will be bringing you weekly interviews with elite production managers, lead carpenters and industry experts.

PowerTips Unscripted is focused on topics that are of interest to remodeling business owners and provide great insight on issues such as hiring & recruiting, marketing, production, leadership, finance, administration, team building and more.

The Tim Faller Show

The Tim Faller Show

Episode and guest information coming soon!

Tim Faller

Master of Production

Steve Wheeler

Executive Director of Roundtables

Speaker TBD

Details Coming Soon

PowerTips Unscripted

PowerTips Unscripted

Join Victoria and Mark as they interview accounting guru Judith Miller! Judith has influenced thousands through her work with remodeling company owners and key staff members.

In this episode, recorded live, Victoria, Mark and Judith discuss the 4 books that have stood the test of time over her 30+ years of consulting in the remodeling industry. This small library covers everything from the 10 reasons contractors fail to how to find that ONE number that really matters to your company (and some leadership topics sprinkled on top!)

Mark Harari

Author | Business Owner | Marketer

Judith Miller

Quickbooks Guru

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