“Possible” Communication: Stop, Look, and Listen

September 21, 2022

4:40 pm

Joe Curcillo

Speaker | Author | Strategist

“Possible” Communication: Stop, Look, and Listen

Joe Curcillo -The MindShark –has devoted his life to helping leaders build unified teams in the workplace. The first step in the process is improved communication skills. 

In this presentation, Joe will showcase his internationally acclaimed award-winning mind reading show in a 60 plus minute presentation that is half stage show, half instructional, and 100% fun entertainment. 

Joe uses the powers of observation and the skills used selecting thousands of jurors to “read the minds” of his audience. This art -combined with his talent as a master magicianand showman –allows Joe to push the boundaries of the “possible” as he reads the thoughts of the audience. 

By focusing his audience on intuitive listening skills and how to interpret cues to better understand behaviors, he shares the secrets of being “present and in the moment” to empower your ability to improve your relationship skills. 

Discover how to trust your instincts, use your observations, and experience the power of listening as you pay better attention to those in the world around you.

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