The Tim Faller Show

September 21, 2023

10:35 am

Tim Faller

Master of Production, Remodelers Advantage

Steve Wheeler

Executive Director of Roundtables, Remodelers Advantage

Marsha Hanna

Production Manager, McLennan Contracting

Alison McLennan

President, McLennan Contracting

The Tim Faller Show

This is your chance to attend the live taping of one of the top-rated podcasts in the remodeling industry! The Tim Faller Show is a podcast dedicated entirely to the production side of the remodeling industry.

Tim, along with his co-host Steve Wheeler, will be bringing you weekly interviews with elite production managers, lead carpenters and industry experts.

In this episode, Tim and Steve will talk to a business owner, Alison McLennan, and her Production Manager, Marsha Hanna. This team manages a company in Lancaster, PA, and has seen incredible, controlled growth for several years.

The main reason for having them on is that Marsha is an excellent example of someone coming into the industry from another line of work and succeeding. We will discuss why Alison took this “chance” and what has made it work so well for both. 

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