ZingTrain: Bottom Line Training

September 20, 2022

1:20 pm

Elnian Gilbert

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

ZingTrain: Bottom Line Training

It’s a big honor for all of us here at ZingTrain to be part of the business workshops being offered by Remodelers Advantage..

As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited.

You, on the other hand, are probably thinking – Why on earth would I go to a food business that started as a corner delicatessen to learn anything about anything?

Here’s why!

From its opening as a small corner delicatessen in 1982, Zingerman’s has grown into a community of 10 businesses with over 700 employees and 70 million dollars in revenue. Along the way, we’ve garnered national recognition for not just our food and customer service, but also for our unique business practices.

We hope it makes us worth listening to!

And what is the Bottom Line Training session all about, you ask?

We believe that a huge part of the credit for our national recognition goes to our exceptional staff who would, in turn, hand it over to their exceptional training!

Here at Zingerman’s, we don’t believe in training for its own sake or because it’s the right thing to do. We firmly believe that the best and most successful training is the kind that positively changes behavior and therefore positively affects our business bottom lines.

Come to this session to hear all about how we design and deliver our staff training.

We believe in our approach to training so strongly, we’ve trademarked it! And eagerly share it with organizations and businesses all over the country!

Do join us.

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