How to Prepare the Showroom of Today to Be the Showroom of Tomorrow

September 22, 2022

2:55 pm

Nellie Ondrovick

Principal Owner/Designer

How to Prepare the Showroom of Today to Be the Showroom of Tomorrow

In 2021, most cabinet manufacturers place a moratorium on providing showrooms displays and in doing so put cabinets, vignettes and working kitchens, once considered showroom essentials, into a new light and for owners to re-evaluate a showroom’s purpose. At this session, showroom designer Nellie Ondrovick will offer guidance to help showroom owners make the right investments in their showroom today to be address the needs and changing dynamics of the showroom of tomorrow. Topics addressed at this session include:

  • Primary reasons customers come to a showroom and how that should influence design and displays
  • Understanding the roles and limitations of vignettes
  • How to create a space the mirrors the customer journey and makes it easier for customers to buy and the showroom to sell
  • The benefits of design centers and how to create them
  • Determining products and trends that should be featured and avoided when creating and upgrading showrooms
  • Readily available technology solutions that enable 3-D projections of design concepts
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