Time is Money

An Easy Button to Reduce the Sales Cycle

September 22, 2022

1:50 pm

Rob Stepp


Time is Money

An Easy Button to Reduce the Sales Cycle

Rob Stepp learned several extremely valuable lessons when he moved his Charleston, WV Creative Kitchens showroom.  In the process, he developed a successful methodology that makes his customers lives easier and purchase decisions faster. 

He will explain how your showrooms can be used to reduce the sales cycle by replacing vignettes, multiple tile displayers and manufacturer’s selling centers with a design studio approach sharing collections of colors, textures, styles, and themes.  

This new approach has reduced the average number of client visits from five or six to two or three and, has reduce the average (in showroom) appointment time by nearly 30%.  Thus, freeing more time for designers to design and sales professionals to sell while simultaneously taking much of the stress from the client when they are deciding to buy. 

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