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The Summit Experience

An Event like no other

Why This Makes Sense

An alignment of mission

Lowes’ renewed focus on the PRO business makes partnering with Remodelers Advantage the next logical step in the effort.

Lowes’ goal to help PROs “be better with their business,” perfectly aligns with that of Remodelers Advantage, which is dedicated solely to helping remodelers grow ever-more successful while creating a working environment that leads to a more balanced and satisfying life.

Our community of industry-leading remodelers, industry experts, and thought leaders is set up to help Lowes achieve its PRO growth targets.

key Synergies

The following Lowe’s Pro initiatives, combined with Remodelers Advantage’s 30+ year history, industry leading membership, and structured processes, will create a winning combination for both organizations.

Lowe's PRO Initiative

Ambassasor Program

Through the creation of the Lowe’s Ambassador Program, it’s clear that you believe in the power of raving fans and maximizing the affect of these individuals. Working with the Remodelers Advantage community, you will amplify your message and attract many more pros to Lowe’s. The following are a few examples of how our community helps influence the industry:

Lowe's PRO Initiative

Total Home Strategy

Our members seek suppliers who are reliable, make things easy, provide excellent customer service, and employ transparent communication. Many will pay a premium for these services, which is why Lowes PRO offerings would be appealing to our members, specifically:

Lowe's PRO Initiative

Resources to help PROs with back-of-house operations

We offer industry leading business improvement systems including:

attendee Profile

Key Metrics

Firm Revenue From Source
Specialty Exterior Replacement
Commercial Remodeling
Custom Home Building
Full-Line Remodeling
Attendee Revenue vs. Industry Average
Average Kitchen Project Cost to Homeowner

$10k - $74k


$75 - $99k


$100k +

Number of Custom Homes Built in Past 24 Months

1 - 5


6 - 9


10 +

Top Factors Influencing Product Selection Decisions
Product Categories Purchased/Specified/Installed (last 12 months)
Cabinets 100%
Sinks 97%
Faucets 97%
Lighting Fixtures 94%
Countertops 97%
Toilets 97%
Flooring 99%
Bath Ventilation 97%
Shower Doors 97%
Bathtubs 97%
Shower Surrounds 84%
Lighting Controls 84%
Kitchen Appliances 81%
Closet Storage Systems 76%

PRoposal Options

Remember… this is not a trade show with an endless supply of tickets and a sea of vendors! To the contrary, Remodelers Summit is a conference for serious remodeling professionals. Seats are extremely limited and in high-demand.

For this reason, we keep sponsorship opportunities limited to 28 success partners, giving you more intimate exposure to the industy’s best and brightest.

Summit Featured Package


This package would position Lowes PRO as the lead sponsor of Remodelers Summit. 

We hand-selected an array of benefits that will allow you to interact with the greatest number of attendees.

Key Deliverables
Key Deliverables

Complete Package


Based on the Lowe’s PRO initiatives, we have put together a custom package that will provide you optimum exposure to  the industry’s most successful and influential remodelers.

This is an Annual Sponsorship package that includes the Remodelers Summit and access to our membership for 12 months. 

Key Deliverables
Key Deliverables

Build Your Own Summit Package

à la carte

While we feel we’ve assembled the most powerful packages for Lowe’s to realize immediate results, you are welcome to build a Remodelers Summit package yourself. 

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Victoria Downing

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