Turbulence Ahead: Remodeling’s 12-Month Economic Outlook 

September 19, 2023

1:20 pm

Craig Webb

President, Webb Analytics

Turbulence Ahead: Remodeling’s 12-Month Economic Outlook 

The COVID tailwind that gave an extra boost to remodelers is shifting this year to a post-COVID headwind, slowing the economy in general. And, just like when an airplane encounters turbulence, you’ll need to adjust your plans to reach more pleasant operating conditions. 

What’s coming your way, and how should you respond? Craig Webb, former editor-in-chief of Remodeling magazine, will help you sort through the challenges and plot the best route for you to take over the next 12 months.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Insights into the economic factors most likely to affect remodelers
  • Which economic reports give you the best early-warning signals for your business
  • Come away with ideas on how to boost revenues … and profit!
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