Creating a Business Plan with Real Meaning

11 Nov 2020
4:15 pm-4:45 pm ET
North Stage

Creating a Business Plan with Real Meaning

There is much talk in business literature about the need for a business plan. In fact, studies have shown that those companies with a business plan grow faster and perform better. Unfortunately, few businesses have a plan and those that do, more likely than not, have a plan that is worth less than the paper on which it is printed. Why is that?

Because most business planning processes are needlessly complex and create boilerplate fluff that feels far from authentic. The result? Most business owners don’t see the value in developing a plan that will just end up on a shelf.

What is needed is a simple yet powerful business planning process that feels authentic while you go through it, produces authentic results (results that match your unique business and where every word has meaning), and is a tool for driving growth, daily actions and decision making. What is needed is a Business Plan with Real Meaning™.

In this presentation you will find out what makes a Business Plan with Real Meaning™, a simple process to create one, and discover the power and confidence it will give you to drive the success of your business.