Fear & Failure: Two of the Keys to Long-term Success!

bob logan
23 Sep 2021
3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
Main Stage

Fear & Failure: Two of the Keys to Long-term Success!

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought all of us to our knees, from a personal standpoint and a professional one.  And it has significantly impacted the construction and trade industry.  Sourcing materials, finding quality labor, dealing with heavy demand with constraints from all directions make it especially difficult for business owners and leaders to see “light at the end of the tunnel.”

What exactly is the “new normal” for our world?  What is clear is that we are all faced with challenges and critical decisions for ourselves, our families, and our employees.  Not surprisingly, Bob Logan has discovered that many people are just not happy with the current status of their lives or their prospects for the future.

How does one break out of this cycle?  Join Bob Logan as he helps us navigate how to evaluate risk, accept fear, and work “outside of your comfort zone,” and better understand that failure, of all things, can become the springboard to success!  Coming from a career in science and athletics, Bob Logan has seen how failure is a consistent ingredient needed for success.  Great science is built on past failed experiments, great coaches and teams have all experienced their own levels of failure.

In this highly engaged, energetic and thought-provoking talk, Bob Logan will help you step back, take stock of where you are in your life and your career and bring you to a place of happiness and fulfillment. Attendees will come away with a sense of empowerment and be ready to implement the handful of simple changes and incorporate the business principles necessary to a thriving business, engaged employees and a healthy family and personal life!