Flawless Execution

22 Sep 2021
8:00 am - 9:15 am
Main Stage

Flawless Execution

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.
When you’re battling constant change, simplicity always beats complexity. Afterburner’s simple, scalable Flawless Execution>sup>SM framework helps clients combat complexity in a shared planning and execution model that’s time-tested and proven to break down the barriers that large, diverse teams face — and accelerate results.

Military Strategy & Execution for Executive Leadership
The framework applied by the military to complex or stressful situations during combat teaches people to have discipline, be thoughtful and align strategically with their teams. Based on these tried-and-true principles, our founding team of elite military leaders created Flawless ExecutionSM — a business framework that equips individuals and teams with the tools they need to successfully drive accountability, establish strategic alignment and build mission-first cultures.


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