Timo Anderson


In some ways Timo’s Journey from Flint to Ann Arbor, Michigan was pretty circuitous. It involved visits to Japan as an exchange student and foreign study in Kenya before it brought him back to Wayne County,

Timo’s experience there initially was focused on team building, with a particular focus on engaging people in the learning process as a team. Timo’s teambuilding work explored ideas of cohesiveness, leadership, and communication through dialog as well as a kinesthetic component. Soon after that, he jumped at the chance to work with youth and adults in a variety of programs to develop their interpersonal and employability skills.


While life in the nonprofit world came with its own rewards, Timo was ready to make a switch to the for-profit world when a position at ZingTrain opened up he eagerly took the chance to learn more about how his skills would parlay in a world where profits, products, and service matter equally. He is excited about sharing Service, Training, Visioning, and Mindful Self-Management content around the country and at ZingTrain in 2-day seminars.