Ask Anything Sessions

Join a small group of your peers to meet industry experts and “Ask Them Anything!”
In this intimate and informal format, you can joy an array of smart, savvy business people who are ready to share their expertise with you and your peers. These sessions are limited to about 20 attendees. So if you’re looking to get your questions answered, be sure to hurry over and grab a seat!

Judith Miller

Ask Judith Miller Anything

Join industry expert, Judith Miller, as she shares insights into the most effective ways to substantially grow a company. She also has a wealth of information on the best ways to manage finances, create powerful financial reports and more.

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Greg Harth

Ask Greg Harth Anything

Join Greg Harth, second gen owner of Harth Builders in Spring House, PA. Greg has learned a ton about building an 8-figure business including creating key managers, enabling employees, and how to avoid the challenges that always come up.

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Jennifer Swenson

Ask Jennifer Swenson Anything

BKBG has provided trade area analytics for 37 of its members in the last two years. Those members experienced an average of 66% sales growth in 2021, compared to 22% growth for members that have not taken advantage of this opportunity.

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Jeff Borovitz

Ask Jeff Borovitz Anything

Jeff Borovitz is a sales expert. Whether you’re thinking about hiring your first salesperson, being challenged as a sales manager, or simply need some new techniques for overcoming the unique objections of today, this is the time to ask a guy who knows the answers.

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Doug Howard

Ask Doug Howard Anything

Join Doug Howard as he shares tips and techniques to help you do more with less with LEAN methodologies. Doug can also answer questions on planning for succession, successfully growing your business and more.

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