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PRE-CONFERENCE (Members Only Sessions)
Ari Weinzweig

Day 1: The 12 Natural Laws of Business

Ari Weinzweig

Day 2: Bottom Line Change®

Day 1 - November 11, 2020
Day 2- November 12, 2020

Secrets of Creating a Culture of Success NOW!

In this session, discover the secrets of creating the winning combination for: Higher team member engagement; organizational creativity; client/customer loyalty; an organization team members love and clients rave about.
Steve Anderson

Old School Marketing is Dead: How to Execute a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy

Old school marketing just doesn’t work anymore. Today’s modern buyer has ninja-level status when it comes to blocking ads. If you’re tired of wasting money on marketing tactics that don’t work and sick of seeing negative ROI numbers on your marketing spend, you’ll want to attend this session. I’ll walk you through the exact marketing...
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Spencer Powell

A Plan For Your Life

Most people spend more time planning a family vacation than they spend planning their life! If you don’t really care where you are going in life then just about any road will get you there. If, however, you do care where you are headed then doesn’t it make sense to be very intentional about what...
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Dave Bryan

No Bad Surprises

Is there anything more frustrating that working really hard to do all the things you think are going to have a project turn out, or your profits be solid, only to discover when the project is done, or the financial reports come out, that the results are not what you expected? What if you could...
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Vicki Suiter

How to Make Emotional Connections That Fuel Referrals and Repeat Business

Studies show that consumer purchasing decisions are driven by emotion, then rationalized with data. For remodelers looking to build a bigger, better pipeline, the key to success is establishing and maintaining emotional connections with clients, prospects, and other sources of referral. In this presentation, Tanya Bamford, Managing Director of R/A Marketing, will demonstrate how to...
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Tanya Bamford

Creating a Business Plan with Real Meaning

There is much talk in business literature about the need for a business plan. In fact, studies have shown that those companies with a business plan grow faster and perform better. Unfortunately, few businesses have a plan and those that do, more likely than not, have a plan that is worth less than the paper...
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Wayne Ottum

How to Identify the Good Clients and Filter out the Problem Prospects

Covid-19 has changed how people see their homes. In this session, we will talk about the difficulties identifying the quality projects with the quality clients and identify the red flags so you can filter out the problem prospects.
Jeff Borovitz

Virtual Happy Hour : Awards Presentations

At the end of Day 1, we will gather for a virtual Happy Hour and announce the winner of the Annual Remodelers Advantage Impact Award. This award recognizes the individual who embodies, in spirit and practice, the selfless leadership and unwavering commitment that has made R/A Roundtables the largest, most successful peer group program in the...
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Victoria Downing

Selling to Design by NOT Designing to Sell

We don’t win the job because we have a good product or design we win the job because we have a PROCESS. Jan Neiges will share her selling process that she has developed over the past 8 years as an independent kitchen/bath designer. She will break down the process step by step and share the...
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Jan Neiges

How To Differentiate Your Business and Attract Revenue-Generating Attention

In this session, veteran public relations executive and strategist Greg Abel will provide attendees with an overview of public relations in the modern era. He will showcase case studies of brands that have achieved market differentiation through creative ideas and media engagement. Attending this session will inspire you to think about how you might help...
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Greg Abel

What Stops Forward Thinking and How to Prepare for Our Future

To prepare for the future, it is incredibly important to understand why many of us do not. In this session, we will discuss what to be sure you don’t do, especially in our rapidly changing and evolving remodeling marketplace. We will also discuss predictions of how our industry is likely to change in 3+ years....
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Nick Ogle

Effective Strategies for Communicating with Clients

Communicating with our clients is harder than ever. With so many methods of communication it is hard to know what is best for your firm and your clients. From where clients find you to wrapping up the project, one thing is certain: clear and consistent communication is a must! Do you have the systems in...
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Liz Walton, CKBD

Five Ways to Add Disney Magic to your Organization

In this fast-paced and engaging session, former Disney University Leader Pete Blank shares five ways you can add Disney Magic to your organization. Blank will choose five ways from his latest book that most relate to the summit theme of “The Art of Forward Thinking.” Attendees will leave with ideas they can immediately add to...
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Pete Blank

Journey Towards Recovery: Survival After Suicide

In this talk, Dennis will explain how he recovered from the suicide deaths of both of his brothers. Following the latest guidelines on speaking about suicide and suicide prevention, Dennis will discuss the warning signs of mental distress, the benefits of therapy, and how he found peace in sobriety.
Dennis Gillan

How To Avoid Liability When Hiring and Firing Workers

During this informative session, Jen will review a series of common issues that might arise during the hiring and firing process. What should be included in an offer letter? How to decide who stays and who goes during a layoff? These questions and many more will be answered during the session.
Jen Cornell, Esq.