General FAQs

Yes! However you must use our booking link to secure the discounted rate.

That depends on whether you are a Roundtables member or not!

For “General Admission” attendees the Summit begins at 1:00 PM on Wed, September 21st. 

For Roundtables members, your experience begins the day before, 1:00 PM on Tuesday.

Regardless of your status, we recommend arriving at least 60 minutes prior to the event so you can register, get your badge, and find a good seat!

Both schedules can be seen here.

Of course! The welcome party is a Remodelers Advantage staple and will be held on Wednesday night.  This year’s theme is a “Retro 80s Replay” and will be held at the Pose Rooftop Bar at the venue. You’re certainly not required to dress the part, but it’s encouraged! So pop that collar and have some fun! 

There will also be a Happy Hour event immediately following the conclusion of Summit on Thursday.

And for our Roundtables members who’s event starts on Tuesday, there will be a Roundtables Dine Around Tuesday night.

Snacks and coffee breaks will be offered during both days of Summit. There will be heavy appetizers at the Wednesday evening Welcome Party, breakfast and lunch on Thursday, plus a happy hour to conclude the event on Thursday late afternoon.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the Remodelers Advantage Summit you should contact our Sales Executive, Sergio Santana, who will develop a powerful package designed specifically to meet your needs. Reach him at

The Bath and Kitchen Buyers Group is purchasing tickets for all their shareholders to attend the Summit immediately after their annual conference concludes. Registration for BKBG members should be done on the BKBG website. 

The sessions will not be recorded. Presentation slide availability will be up to the individual speakers.

Sure thing! You may purchase tickets for non-conference attendees that you wish to have join you at the welcome party. Note this ticket will not admit you into the conference.

Roundtables Member FAQs

Yes! The entire Summit Experience (Summit and Mastermind Day) is included for Standard* Roundtables memberships. View the agenda here.

*Legacy members are not eligible. Please upgrade to receive all the benefits of membership.

While your Production Manager Roundtables Meeting will be held at the same fabulous hotel, attending the Remodelers Summit will require an additional investment. And as a member you get access for 50% off the standard price! (Just be sure to login before purchasing!)

This special educational event is exclusively for standard Roundtables members. The goal is to help our members to expand beyond their group and connect with the greater Roundtables community.

You’ll build strong bonds with other members, and hear fresh perspectives and insights on their most challenging issues.

This year Mastermind Day includes ZingTrain, MasterMinds, Software Forums, and the Roundtables Dine Around.

Yes! And what’s more, as a Roundtables Member, you will always get additional tickets at 50% off the standard price! Just be sure to login before purchasing

Sure thing! You may purchase tickets for non-conference attendees that you wish to have join you at the welcome party. Note this ticket will not admit you into the conference

Yes. Sign ups for the Tuesday night “Dine Around” will be available on site at your Mastermind meeting.

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